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Western Astrology

Our attention will mostly point to Western astrological branches, because it provides the strongest insight into humans as individuals, with strengths and weaknesses, leaving space for personality changes and circumstances in life. It will be rude to say that Western astrology is closest to Freewill, but it leaves more space for changing the fate of a particular person, rather than the teachings of other astrology. Eastern astrologers often claim the right to the discovery of astrology itself, adhering to the zodiac constants that their entire system supports. The problem with this approach is largely in the claim itself, because astrology is not owned by anyone and there is no "right astrology" - only the best is best known by fortune tellers. Simply put, if we want to believe that things are not set on a rock, we will change our heads to the left and find comfort, psychological explanation and potential for change in the West, just as we will find reception, sacrifice and politeness in the east.

West Astrology recognizes many different branches inside, and is not easy to show everything in our list. There may be other approaches that are not listed out there and although most of them are included here or are under one of these categories, some can slip our minds. If you find this to be a problem, please contact us and tell us which additional branch will attract you.

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