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Relationship Astrology

Astrology can be used not only to understand the entity of one person, but also to do with a completely different individual. To understand the middle road between two (or more) people, the possibility of problems and areas where energy flow is easy and calm, we use the relationship astrology.

Relationship in the Zodiac

The astrological branch is widely used not exactly because of the miracle of love and romance, but because the relationship is what really defines our inner creatures. The entire zodiac circle is made of opposition, talking about 6 types of relationships that are 12 zodiac signs. Every aspect is the relationship itself, and every disposition they have will show the colors and nuances to them and their additional diversity.

Without relationships we will not be human and will not be here at all, because they do not go down to the US and others, but also our relationship with our body, heart, and mind. Others are just our own mirrors and the way we see them will talk about our inner state and the things we value or the things we have difficulty solving them. Anything that disturbs us to others is a big part of our own character, and we must remember this every second, in every conflict we must cure.

Engineering and Horoscopes

In the relationship of astrology, such as in all other branches of astrology, we must remain aware that no one can manifest if it has not been presented in a separate Christmas graph. We are all connected to so many levels, set in each graph as a planet or different lights. We need to set a role for everyone we want to learn our relationship with, and see from our own graphics, what their goals are, where we are connected, how they serve us in this life, and how we serve them.


To study the relationship between two people, we will usually compare their graphics through the synastry. This is a comparison technique of two birth graphics with all positions of planets, homes and aspects of their planet. If we see that a planet in a chart has the right aspect with the planet in another chart, we know that this is an important relationship between these individuals.

The more aspects we share, the more we have to learn from our bonds, and the role of each planet will also be very important. So for romantic relationships we will expect aspects between Venus or strong contacts through sexual relations between months and Mars, Venus and Mars, or one Mars with the others.

In the sinus, we will feel important to see the disposition in the chart of each other. This means that if one person has a planet in a certain sign, we understand the importance of the position of other people's rulers of this sign. This will be the first planet leading to be dignity and specific aspects. For example, a positive situation is seeing two partners, one of which has a month in Capricorn, and other Saturn in Taurus. This means that the first person is being taught by their partners to find love inside and form the values of homes and families that they generally do not have.

Composite Graph

After we settled on the first contact between two people through the Sinastry, we will switch to the composite chart of their relationship. There are two types of composite charts, the first is the midpoint method (all planetary positions are the middle part of mathematics from individual Christmas positions) and Davison, or the method of time and space (all real positions for the middle time are right between births).

The main difference between these two charts is the way they are made, the first to list imaginary points in space that determines the way relationships are visible, and the second list of actual positions for mid-time defining the correct. The entity lives between two people. Combined, they will give us a glimpse of one bond as the third individual that unites two people, and the way is observed and approachable, and where actually leads.

Feminine and Masculine Planets

We mostly live with Arketips absorbed from our society and the level of awareness of all our humanity. It is impossible to completely avoid the concept of masculine and feminine roles, even though we all have both parties hiding in it. When we interpret the relationship between the opposite individuals, in many cases each will take the right role of the planet and lights, which means that the female partner will be presented by the Moon and Venus, such as a male partner will take the role of the Sun and Mars.

Some of us will be asexual in this context if our role deals with Arketypes, so that a female teacher with a significant teaching role will often be presented by Jupiter even though most of them talk about Zeus and the principle of masculine in it. Or a male artist might take Venus's role with a little easier. This is similar to the way we see children through Mercury, a gender planet and intellectual asexuality.

In terms of same-sex relationships, especially romantic, a fortune teller must ask specific questions to determine which partner tends to take which role. In this case, we will usually be led by older partners as people who show a little more masculine quality, and with a personal description that will suit certain planets or light in a specific sign.

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