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Predictive Astrology

We need to understand that predictive astrology is not the same as Christmas astrology. In fact, their core is different, because one of them serves our needs to predict the future or predict the results of certain events, while others help our personality and growth depend on during our birth.

Basic Rules

However different from Christmas astrology, predictive astrological branches are related to it, because no events in our lives have the ability to manifest if it is not supported by our Christmas graphics. For example, if there is a trine between Venus and Saturn in one of the predictive techniques, someone who does not have a relationship between these planets, or has a challenging, will not feel the full benefits of this positive aspect. All found in predictive techniques must be confirmed in the Christmas graph as a possibility.

To add it, every single prediction is made, it must be found and confirmed through three predictive methods that must be considered correctly. This does not mean predictions will come true with certainty, but it makes the possibility of events ethically. As a fortune teller, we are here to promote freeewill and help others understand their way and responsibility. If someone understands that they control events in their lives, they might be ready to really make changes and shift their awareness in a higher step towards enlightenment.

Predictive Technique

There are many predictive techniques, for this astrological branch has been approached from many angles and used for centuries. Curiosity continues to trigger the problem of the forecast, and at a point in life almost every individual wants to know what the future will bring.

When talking about the future, we must remember that in some situations it is quite easy to predict even without any chart. Simple human logic can often provide answers to some of the questions that come. However, if we decide to be a professional fortune teller, not our duty to use personal experience or guess what will happen, but to use a graph as a guide for the events and specific explanations of the possibility of results.

Commonly used techniques include transit, solar refund, development, direction and harmonics. We also know that every planet regulates a certain period of life, and in general this interpretation can provide a "shade" of the country that is currently there.

Time Frame

To cover all things about the event timeline in life, we must have knowledge about the speed of each sign. In some situations, the härary astrology can function as a very good tool for predictions. This will give us a special schedule for the question "When will ..." through the quality of zodiac and home signs and balls of relevant aspects.

Cardinals are the fastest of all signs, will talk about events that will take place immediately, in a short time unit such as minutes, hours, days or weeks, depending on the form of questions and actual possibilities. Signs that can change will follow replaced and quite quickly, but not too drastically and clear. Their schedule will include a day, week, month schedule and sometimes many years if this will be a moderate hope for certain situations. Fixed quality is the slowest of all. It takes time and represents a broader area in the scale. When we see a planet set in a fixed sign, we know it will manifest slowly, for years, even a few decades, or sometimes months if this sounds long for the event.

Planet Aspects

No matter the prediction technique that we choose to use, or if we observe the planet that moves slowly or personal, fast, every event has a peak when the manifestation is actually possible. This peak will never be connected to the time after a significant aspect has occurred. Far planets, especially Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, will provide a general atmosphere even when they pass the right aspects of the skys that are important, but the trigger of the event will always be in a close application.

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