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Houses Interpretations

House Modalities

Just like zodiac signs have their quality / modality and are included in certain natural elements, houses have similar expressions.

Angle houses are defined by the starting point of the quadrant, which means they are in the corner of the horoscope - 1, 4, 7 and 10. These houses represent the activity and energy to move forward, and are being connected with the nature of Mars.

Successful houses are those who follow angular angles, protected from all changes and too many movements. They are closely connected with stability, reminding us of many fixed quality marks. These houses are 2, 5, 8 and 11.

Caden 3, 6, 9 and 12 houses and they are rather complicated, because they seem to be the precursor to what comes home the next corner. This is a home that is connected especially with the learning process, but we must not ignore their role as a basis for anything created by the activities carried out later in corner homes.

Four elements.

Similar to the singing zodiac, houses also belong to four natural elements. Just like the appropriate signs, each bring a story on the element. This practically means that the first house in accordance with Aries signs, and therefore - belongs to the fire element. The same applies to every home that follows - the second house belongs to Earth Element, the third into the air, fourth to water, etc.

Interpretation of Astrology.

Every house in someone's Christmas chart, or any chart in this case, represents the most personal and worldly tools that will be used in any analysis. The house itself represents a place or area where a planet is on. For example, the fourth home will talk about many things, but most literally, it will describe someone's home and what is in it. With Venus here, for example, we will see beautiful things, jewelry, money or lovers waiting at home.

It is important to remember that in many cases, the planet will talk about certain people or things that are focused on energy, the sign will provide a closed description of the planet, and the house will talk about the location of life where the planet will appear or manifest. The first house is an exception to this rule, because he spoke directly with the physical body of the person. However, it is still bound to elements of the earth in a more personal way than others, and most are not emotional and concrete.


The house has a cussps in different zodiac signs, and this gives them a stretch of arms to also be interpreted through their rulers. The house was ruled by the planet that set the sign fell. So to clarify, if the third house falls in a sign of Virgo, meaning its peak is in this sign, the ruler of the house will become the ruler of Virgo - Mercury.

It is not always easy to define the importance of home rulers compared to the planet's properties themselves and the nature of the rules. This is why the best thing to do is keep in mind that corner houses manifest strongly and their rulers represent a turning point in everyone's life. Every other interpretation will, as everything, a moderate and balanced approach that considers all the factors in the right amount.

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