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12 Houses Overview

In astrology, the house represents a way to make every moment in personal time and is reduced to the planetary level. They are the consequences of the rotation of our planet, and emerging by the division of the ecliptic field to twelve pieces. In Western astrology, there are several home systems that are still used, while the most common today is the plasidus system.

How they Become

In one day, the increase (CUSP house 1) will move through all signs in the zodiac circle. Ascendant and offspring in every Christmas graph are defined by dawn and dusk, or times when the sun rises in the east and establishes in the West. This is why someone will have a sun near them if they are born at dawn and approach their descendants if they are born at sunset. In general, the sun will be above the horizon and in one of the top houses if you are born during the day, and the sun is under the horizon if you are born at night. The house is given a number opposite the clockwise from the top of the house first and is always projected at Ekliptan.

Just Imagine

If you imagine yourself in the middle of your Christmas graph, you will see that above you are planets on the horizon. If you need to feel the connection to the universe you can see, look in the sky at night, and you will see it in the same position as they dikan on the current chart. The only difference here is in their orientation, because the graphic image is different from our usual concept in the east and west, put the east on the left and west on the right. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see houses because they are a fictional line used to divide the circle into twelve pieces.

Basic House Division

We can use space or time as a basis for the distribution of houses. They are always numbered opposite the clockwise from the top of the first house, and this peak (ascendant) will be defined by the eastern point at a certain time. If our division is based on space, the plane is divided into the same arc of 30 ° each. If the base is time, the house is invariant, and represents 2 hours of the clear movement of each sun, or temporal, when day and night are divided into the same six parts.

Whatever their division, we always realize that the whole graph has 360 degrees. It is important to remember even though it lies in the fact that all systems will make sense to some point. The placidus system has proven to be truly significant, as a leader in its use, but this does not mean that you should not try other systems too, and see if you are in harmony with some others.

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